Celebrating Five Years!

What an amazing five years it has been. We've been delighted and challenged to build our brokerage during the depths of the recession but we have succeeded and we are thriving!

What's the secret? Our amazing team is the biggest reason we have grown and flourished during a severe down-turn in the market! As the leaders of the brokerage we have made a point of assembling a team of professionals that we believe are the very best in town. We encourage our sales associates to look at each other as part of a team and to act with cooperation and synergy in building our company to be the best.

Our name, RE/MAX Flagstaff, refers to the flagstaff or pole, that holds our country's flag up and supports our great democracy. So we have made it our mission to hold up and support our team and our vision for that team from the smallest to the greatest. We all succeed and we all succeed together. That's the synergy of working for the best for our buyers, our sellers, and our community.

Now, after five years, the real estate industry is well into recovering. Home prices are rising, inventory is shrinking, days on the market are down from a high of 274 days to 45 days or less. Homeowners are showing confidence and enthusiasm for upgrades and for moving up. Fewer homes are underwater and REO inventory is shrinking.

We are so happy to be a part of this turn-around and to see the success our team is having. We are proud of each and every team member and inspired by the effort they have put into their education, their efforts for their clients, and the way they each give back to the community.

As business people, we can say with utter sincerity, that we couldn't have done it without them. Thank you, each and every one!


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Thursday, 26 November 2020

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