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At RE/MAX Flagstaff we are always looking for real estate agents to join our team of dedicated professionals. We are thrilled to welcome new agent and property manager, Nancy Hutchison to our team! 


Nancy grew up in Milford, Michigan, a very small historical town with old world charm. Nancy was a REALTOR® in Milford and she loved selling historical homes, vacant land, and horse farms. She started visiting Florida with her family in the late 60’s and finally was able to move to Florida in 2009, eventually settling in Palm Coast. Nancy has a positive attitude, is compassionate, works well with everybody, and believes in a win-win relationships! Call her for sales or property management at (248) 910-4971.


There’s a reason that RE/MAX sells more real estate than any agency worldwide. We have name recognition and with over 100,000 agents worldwide creating a powerful reputation, just add your talent and dedication to the mix and the sky is literally the limit. The imagery of the hot air balloon logo is no accident. Our training is second to none and we can get you off to the right start even if you’re new to real estate. It does take motivation and commitment, but at RE/MAX Flagstaff you’ll be well equipped to take on the world of real estate.


Call us today at (386) 246-8585 to get started on your new career with our team!


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Monday, 06 July 2020

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