The RE/MAX Advantage for Buyers and Sellers

Why should I list or buy a home from RE/MAX Flagstaff instead of an independent real estate broker? There is a lot that goes with being a part of RE/MAX and many of the advantages are ones that the seller or buyer will appreciate.

Of course, brokers appreciate having the RE/MAX name and advertising working to give them brand recognition and credibility. But that also works for sellers. Because RE/MAX has a well-known name, people trust it more and that works in a seller’s favor. Additionally, RE/MAX agents in one state refer business to RE/MAX offices in other states when they hear from someone who is moving. For that reason, listing with a RE/MAX broker in Florida means your home will get attention from RE/MAX brokers in many other states who know people who are planning to move.

Marketing is what gets your house noticed and gets your house sold. RE/MAX has carefully crafted marketing tips, techniques and standards that every RE/MAX office has access to. It gives your home an edge when it comes to getting sold.

For buyers, RE/MAX is also an advantage. RE/MAX brokers recruit seasoned professionals for their team and give them the training necessary to listen, negotiate and close in an effective manner. A buyer knows that when they have a RE/MAX sales associate working with them, they have an individual who knows what they are doing. That brings peace of mind, and a better opportunity to find the home they have always wanted.

The RE/MAX difference pays off. RE/MAX is consistently the top name in real estate and that means our buyers, sellers, and our team itself enjoys an advantage that’s hard to beat. If you’d like to list your home for sale or are hoping to find your dream home, call RE/MAX Flagstaff today at 386-246-8585 You’ll be glad you did!


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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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