Things are Warming Up in Flagler County!

Spring brings nature back to life! Although our winters are very mild, there are some noticeable changes out of doors. Leaves fall, grass becomes much less green, the breeze can be brisk, some plants go to seed. It all changes around the middle of March when the days get longer and the temps start to rise. Plants sprout a large amount of new growth seemingly overnight, hummingbirds reappear as well as the more commonly seen birds, and are busy building nests. The longer days encourage us to step outside and take it all in. We’re at a serious advantage in Flagler County since we can enjoy the outdoors year-round, but when spring hits it's not a matter of what to do, it’s a matter of how to fit it all in!

The housing market is warming up for the spring and summer seasons! February sales met the historical trends for the county, low January sales, then an increase in February sales. Pending sales at the end of 2015 were declining, less than 200.  February pending sales (349) were higher than January (332) and December (278). With pending home sales as an indicator for future sales, it looks like we'll see an increase in the spring sales that should carry us into summer 2016.

There’s a lack of inventory of homes for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Less inventory means fewer selections for buyers. This means it’s a great time to list your home! 

Last year, RE/MAX sales were up 6.1% year over year and the median sales price was up 5.3% year over year. That’s not without rhyme or reason. Our agents are the best in the business and with more real estate sold worldwide by RE/MAX, it’s certainly an advantage for the consumer to have this kind to real estate power behind them. Whether measuring closed transactions, agent productivity, brand name awareness, agent education, or a number of other metrics, RE/MAX comes out on top, and just like the hot air balloon, we are still rising to the occasion to take care of your real estate needs.

Photo by Rob Bixby/Flickr

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Monday, 28 September 2020

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