Winter Forecast: Cool with Flurries of Sales

There are states where cooler weather signals a slowdown of all activity. Boats are stored for the winter, golf clubs are cleaned and put away. Some businesses close or get ready for slower sales. Florida is not like that especially in the Real Estate profession. The statistics explain it all.

According to a Gallup poll done at the end of December 2013, an astonishing seven northern states reported that more than 40% of their population wanted to move away. It should come as no surprise that those feelings intensify during cold weather.

Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York reported that over 40% of their population wished they were somewhere else. Throughout the happy months of summer, people are more or less comfortable where they are. But with the first snowfall the discontent grows. Throw in some sleet, icy rain, a blizzard or two and hazardous driving and now you have mounting dissatisfaction. Florida looks pretty attractive about that time.

RE/MAX nationwide advertising gives a RE/MAX broker an edge here. Since RE/MAX is a familiar name in their home state, many people looking to relocate think of a RE/MAX agency first. Additionally, if RE/MAX is helping them sell their home up north, that broker will refer them to someone they can trust in Florida.

Here in Palm Coast, Winter is not a season where real estate slows down. And if you want to be part of the first flurries of sales, RE/MAX Flagstaff is the team you want to be on. Give us a call at 386-246-8585 and let’s get ready for Winter!


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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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